Monday, March 21, 2011

Charlie Sheen Offered Job Back On Two and a Half Men? Duh, Winning!

Duh Winning

In what must be one of the biggest cases of money talks and everything else walks, reports are that CBS has offered Charlie Sheen his job on Two and a Half Men, huh!

Let us not be shocked after on air and internet rants, kids taken in the night and goddesses that the two are trying to make nice. This is about money man. Think of the plight that network television is in given the fragmentation from hundreds of cable and satellite television, movies on demand and the internet, how could CBS risk killing their golden goose.

Even trying to replace Sheen and keep the show going was a huge risk. The other thing that may have played a part in this is Sheen was able to show that he was possibly the engine that powered the ship. Everything he was doing since being fired was follow with rapt attention. With everything that Charlie Sheen did or said, there was more concern and empathy than condemnation. His one man shows that he came up with were instant sellouts. Sheen signed up for Twitter and set a record for being the quickest to gain 1 million followers.

Who was feeling bad for CBS, no one? An article titled “Charlie Sheen, CBS In 'Two And A Half Men' Return Discussions: Report ” posted March 21, 2011 and posted in The Huffington Post discusses the details of the possible discussions. It seems that CBS thought they could “sweat” Charlie Sheen, but he proved to them that in a very short period of time he could create enough buzz to make millions of dollars per year on his own without them through Twitter, a live show and may have been in discussion with Fox. It seems that CBS may have blinked. Charlie Sheen, duh winning!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Charlie Sheen Made Everyone Too Much Money To Be Stopped

The story of Charlie Sheen is still unfolding and the end has not been written, but the Charlie Sheen story goes beyond him. Charlie Sheen is maybe the most public face of the age old situation some find themselves in that are the cash cows for many others, don't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs as log as it keeps laying golden eggs. The golden eggs in the case of Charlie Sheen were the episodes of Two and a Half Men.  An article on TMZ titled "Charlie Sheen Spills His Guts on TMZ" posted February 28, 2011 details some of the issues surrounding Charlie Sheen.

As long as Sheen could show up and crank out the shows there was a Bernie Madoff like ignorance of everything else that was going on. Despite all of the signs of trouble, which were not easy to miss as they were often splashed across tabloids and broadcast on the news, the show went on. Even with a hotel room trashing, reportedly naked Sheen and a hooker/porn star locked in a closet, the show still went on.

The only thing that stopped the show was a direct verbal shot from Sheen at his employers. That apparently was the last straw. Now you must weigh the gravity of a personal insult against the potentially life jeopardizing prior behavior of Sheen. It seems that the personal insult carried more weight that possibly having your goose that lays the golden eggs taken out by his own actions, then they stopped the show. Could it be that Charlie Sheen forced their hands because they would not pull the plug any other way until he could not lay any more golden eggs of his own accord.